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Pipeline Perfection: Discover Rak Plus Pipes

Dive into the world of superior piping solutions with Rak Plus Pipes. Crafted from top-grade thermoplastic materials, our pipes redefine durability, reliability, and performance. From residential havens to industrial powerhouses, our pipes stand as the epitome of versatility and longevity. With Rak Plus, your projects are bound for success, one pipeline at a time.

Quality Services

Parameters of PPR Pipe SDR11/PN10 in accordance to DIN 8077/78

Parameters of PPR Pipe SDR7.4/PN16 in accordance to DIN 8077/78

Parameters of PPR Pipe SDR6/PN20 in accordance to DIN 8077/78

Parameters of PPR Pipe SDR5/PN25 Series 2 in accordance to DIN 8077/78

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Fitting Excellence: Explore Rak Plus Pipe Fittings

Unveil a world of precision engineering and unmatched reliability with Rak Plus Pipe Fittings. Crafted to perfection from premium-grade materials, our fittings redefine functionality, versatility, and durability. From seamless connections to tailored solutions, Rak Plus Fittings elevate your piping systems to new heights, ensuring a perfect fit for every project.

Quality Services

Reducer Socket

Elbow 90°

Elbow 45°​​

Reducer Elbow

Spigot Elbow 90°

Reducer Tree

Cross Tree

Equal Tee

Union Both Ends Welding

Cross Over Long Type

Cross Over Short Type

End Cap

Saddle Socket

End Plug Type A (Short)

End Plug Type B (Long)

Bracket For Pipe

Bracket With Clamp

Pipe Hanging Clamp

PPR Ball Valve - Lever Type

PPR Manifold

Transition Female Socket - Round

Transition FeMale Socket - Hexagonal​

Transition Male Socket - Round

Transition Male Socket - Hexagonal​

Transition Female Union - Brass

Transition Male Union - Brass

Transition Female Tee - Hexagonal​/Round

Transition Valve Body

Transition Female Elbow - Round/Hexagone

Transition Female WALL Elbow

Transition WALL Mount Group - Horizontal

Transition WALL Mount Group - Verticle

Stop Valve With Round Wheel

Concealed Valve

Ball Valve - Brass

Angle Valve - V5

Angle Valve - V8